Why Are Generic Medications so Affordable?

Why Are Generic Medications so Affordable?

When you are at the pharmacy looking for medications, you will notice that there are two different options available. You can choose between brand name medications and generic alternatives. Both have their pros and cons but if there is one thing you probably noticed already, it is the major price difference. So why generic medications are so much more affordable compared to their brand name cousins?

There are a number of reasons why generic medications that you buy from any drugstore in Martinsville, Virginia are easier on the wallet. However, here are a few for you to keep in mind:

  • Development Costs

    Pharmaceutical companies spend fortunes developing drugs. There is a lot that goes into making medications. There is research and development, testing, production, logistics, and so much more. This is not a cheap process and these pharmaceutical companies need to make back their investment. In order to do this, they charge higher prices.

  • Copied Formulas

    Generic medications do not have to go through this process. This is because they simply copy existing formulas, which count down a lot of the overhead, allowing them to charge much more reasonable prices. However, they do need to make some slight changes as it is against the law to copy medications ingredient for ingredient but this is similar to compounding.

That is the basic reason why generic medications are so much more affordable for you to purchase, compared to brand name drugs that you get from any independent pharmacy in Virginia. This provides people a great way to get the medications they need, without having to spend a fortune in the process, which is particularly useful for people who have chronic conditions and regularly need medicine.

Would you like to find out more about why generic medications are the cost-effective choice? Are you interested in learning more about the pros and cons for generic medications? Keep in touch with Cavalier Pharmacare anytime. We are here to help you maintain your health through exceptional pharmaceutical services that are tailored to meet your unique needs. And the next time you are looking for good medications, you may want to keep in mind the much more affordable generic alternatives.

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