How to Safely Take Your Medication

How to Safely Take Your Medication

Medicine is a powerful substance that can save a life. But it can also be deadly if not handled well. Thus, better be careful when buying meds at a drugstore in Martinsville, Virginia. Here are some safety tips you can follow when you are on prescription medication:

  • Follow the Direction on the Medicine Labels

    All drugs sold at pharmacies have labels. So, read that and be sure to take the meds the right way. For example, the flu drugs you can buy at an independent pharmacy in Virginia can’t be used to cure a headache. Flu drugs, as its name suggests, are for flu.

  • Take the Medicine on Time

    Medicines work in different ways. Some work best before a meal while there are others that work while you rest. Thus, better take your medicine according to the direction given by your physician. If you are the type to forget taking your meds, use charts, weekly pill boxes, calendars, or alarms.

  • Take the Right Dosage

    All medicines are helpful when taken in the right dosage. You might think that you’ll get better faster if you double the dosage. But, doing so is actually dangerous. It may even put your life at risk. If you can’t afford your prescription, the solution is not to skip or lower the dose. Talk to your pharmacist or doctor for an alternative.

  • Disclose Your Drug, Alcohol, or Tobacco Use

    Drugs, alcohol, and nicotine affect how well your meds work. It can range from dulling the effects of your medication to aggravating your ailment. Open up to your doctor if you are taking any substances and about how much you use in a day.

  • Don’t Take Meds in the Dark

    When you are drinking your meds, do so under good lighting. Don’t take meds in the dark as there is the risk of taking the wrong medication.

  • Call the Doctor When Problems Occur

    There are cases when you encounter problems with your prescription or over-the-counter drugs. You might feel as if it is doing more harm to your body than good. If this happens, report it to your doctor. For example, if it causes severe side effects, consult your doctor. The doctor can suggest an alternative medication you can take instead.

  • Don’t Share Your Prescription

    Your symptoms may seem like another person’s, though. No matter how that is the case, never share your prescription with them. Your prescription is what the doctor formulated to counter your ailment. Your cure may just become another person’s poison.

  • Check with Your Doctor Before You Stop

    The doctor will tell you until when you should take your meds. You should not stop taking your meds before the doctor says it is okay to do so.

Cavalier Pharmacare advocates the proper use of medication and medical supplies. These medical miracles were created for a greater purpose. Do you have other safety tips you want to share? Let us know by commenting below.

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