Strategies for Improved Medication Adherence

Medication adherence or taking the medicine on time and correctly can be further defined as the extent to which a patient’s behavior corresponds to the medication dosing regimen – including timing, dosage, frequency, and duration as prescribed by the doctor or other healthcare professional. By adhering to medications, a patient achieves optimal therapeutic efficacy and improved clinical outcomes.

Unfortunately, there are several barriers to achieving medication adherence. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 3.8 billion prescriptions are written annually. Out of this, one in five new prescriptions are never filled, and among the refill prescription, approximately half or 50% are taken incorrectly. To address medication adherence challenges, there are innovative strategies that can be established.

  • Use of Technology
    Technological innovations through the use of mobile medical applications continue to transform healthcare by alerting patients when it is time to take their medications. Smartphones, wearable devices, and other gadgets offer convenience and ease of use when it is time to refill prescriptions from a drugstore in Virginia.
  • Compliance Packaging
    In a simplified means, compliance packaging – either blister packs, dosage strips, or pouches better help in drug regimen. A retail pharmacy organizes the drugs by dose, days of the week, and time of day when the medications are supposed to be taken.
  • Medication Synchronization
    Working with a one-stop provider of pharmaceutical services in Martinsville, Virginia eliminates multiple prescription refills, the convenience of fewer trips, avoids dangerous drug interactions, fewer errors and mix-ups, among others.

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