Why You Should Store Medicines Properly

why-you-should-store-medicines-properlyWhy do manufacturers and pharmacists suggest storing medicines and medical supplies properly? There are many reasons why.

First, these products can change in consistency and effectiveness due to external factors such as heat, humidity, moisture, etc. Remember, these are transported from the manufacturer to distributors before it reaches a retail pharmacy. And that may cause exposure to the said factors.

Also, taking too many OTC drugs can cause overdose and poisoning in children and people living with mental issues. They might mistakenly think of pills as candy.

And finally, organizing your medicine cabinet will make it easier for you to discard expired or stale medicines. You can send them to your local Drugstore in Virginia for proper disposal.

We should always ensure that these prescription medicines are intact and look and smell good. If you see some discoloration, inconsistencies in thickness, or tampered, do not use them anymore. If you or a family member mistakenly take expired drugs, apply first aid or go to the emergency when needed. Your family’s safety is in your hands.

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