Why You Need to Complete Your Antibiotic Course

Imagine you got bad chills due to a wound, or something is bothering you that you do not know. So, you went to a clinic to have your check-up. The physician diagnosed that it was a bacterial infection. As such, the doctor prescribed you some antibiotics take. You then went to a retail pharmacy and bought the prescribed medicine.

The doctor instructed you to complete the antibiotics you bought for two weeks. After a few days of consuming the drug, you are starting to feel better. Thence, you decide to stop taking the medication and leave the course unfinished, not bothering when is the next retail pharmacy.

Most of us are guilty of this scenario. Not everyone is diligent enough to finish the complete antibiotic course. What’s the matter anyway? The medicine already worked.

As a drugstore in Virginia, we want our clients to understand that- there is this antibiotic resistance. When we take antibiotics, the bacteria infecting our bodies are killed. As you take your medicine daily, more and more bacteria die. Meaning it is staggering- not all the infectious bacteria die during the first few days. If we stop taking our antibiotics because we are incrementally feeling better, then the bacteria that survive have the potential to produce a resistant strain. It will resurface and infect the body again.

When this happens, the bacteria become more deadly and persistent. People will recover slower; illnesses will become more serious. It may even cause death. This would mean more hospitalizations and availing of pharmaceutical services in Martinsville, Virginia.
That is why we at Cavalier Pharmacare strongly recommend you finish that antibiotic courses. We always care for your safety and well-being.

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