The Dangers of Pneumonia: Early Signs and Treatment

The Dangers of Pneumonia: Early Signs and Treatment

If you feel prolonged chest pain as you breathe, accompanied by severe fatigue, fever, and nausea, then it might indicate flu. In some cases, these health conditions may lead to pneumonia if untreated. Pneumonia is a lung inflammation caused by an infection that makes the air sacs to be filled with pus or fluid, making a person breathe with difficulty.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, pneumonia is one of the top 10 leading causes of adult and child hospitalization and death in the state of Virginia.

You must have access to an independent pharmacy in Virginia if symptoms persist. Medications play an essential role in an effective recovery once the disease gets diagnosed. Delayed medical attention could worsen one’s condition.

To detect pneumonia, one must first understand that its complications vary according to the type of germ that causes it.

Community-acquired pneumonia is the most common type of pneumonia, which is caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses. On the other hand, hospital-acquired pneumonia is caused by bacteria within the premises of a healthcare facility and is more resistant to antibiotics. And, aspiration pneumonia is caused when you inhale food, beverages, saliva, or vomit into your lungs, but this condition rarely occurs unless you have an abnormal gag reflex.

It is necessary that as soon as you notice flu-related symptoms, you should consult a doctor and acquire medical supplies and prescriptions for your condition.

Cavalier Pharmacare, a drugstore in Martinsville, Virginia, strongly advocates for early detection and treatment of pneumonia.

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