Pharmacists Are Our Partners in Healthcare

We all know that our physicians and your nurses are our healthcare partners, but so too are our pharmacists! Most long term care pharmacies know a patient’s details to help manage their health conditions and recover faster. It’s essential for them to keep information about the patients because it helps with medication management, and keep up with the specializations required for servicing individuals living in long term care facilities. This type of patient-centered practice helps support a patient’s nutrition, educate them on the side effects of their prescription, monitor the patient’s condition and response to their medication, review medical records and clinical visits, and so much more.

Services like medication management can help patients adhere to their medications for the most optimal outcomes. Taking your medicine on time and in the correct dosage will hasten your recovery and help you avoid any incidents when it comes to medications. You can have your pharmacists organize your medication in simple calendar cards, which package your medication into groups according to the prescribed dosages with clear labels to ensure medication compliance. Pharmacists will even help counsel you on what side effects to look out for when you’re taking stronger prescriptions.

As advocates of better health outcomes and your partners in healthcare, here are more things that most pharmacists can do to help you or your loved one achieve the best treatment results:

  • Health Screenings
    Pharmacists can offer health screenings to ensure that you are in top shape and that your medications are working for you. Most health screenings can include preventative care such as blood glucose and blood pressure readings, Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), biophysical measurements (height, weight, BMI, etc.), and mental health. By getting a health screening, health professionals can then recommend any supplements or vitamins that you may lack, or coordinate with your doctor for a more thorough health assessment and possible treatments.

  • Immunizations
    Today’s pharmacists can administer vaccines to give people in their local communities access to all available vaccines. Most patients get to choose to get their vaccinations at some pharmacies because it’s more convenient than going to vaccination centers. The immense accessibility and availability of vaccines at local pharmacies have enabled people to receive immunization conveniently. Make sure to contact your local pharmacies to make sure that they have the vaccine that you need in stock.

  • Assist with Prescription Refills
    You don’t need to leave your house to get a refill for your prescriptions. In today’s modern age, you can choose to get your prescriptions refilled by simply visiting your local pharmacy’s website and filling out a form with an option to refill prescription. Another option is to call your local pharmacy by phone and request for a refill. The best part? Most pharmacies now offer home deliveries, so you can get your prescriptions delivered right to your door.

  • Provide You With Medical Supplies
    You can find several medical supplies at pharmacies that will help you manage and maintain your health condition. For instance, you can find blood pressure and blood glucose monitors at most pharmacies to help you stay on top of your condition. There are also masks and gloves available, health and beauty care supplies, wound care products as well as other medical apparatuses that you can use to ensure optimal wellness.

  • Over-the-Counter Supplies
    It never hurts to keep a few supplies at home, especially medicines that are easy to get, like Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. Pharmacies can sell you a safe and effective brand name or generic OTC medicine without seeking treatment from a health professional. Of course, our pharmacists can educate you on which OTC medicine to buy for which ailment and tell you about possible side effects. Most OTC medicines include analgesics, cough, cold, and flu medicine, allergy medicine, indigestion medicine, oral and transdermal medications for dermatological conditions, and other vitamins and supplements.

There are many other ways that your local pharmacy can provide you with the best health care services that you need. For instance, here at Cavalier Pharmacare, we provide long-term pharmaceutical and consulting services for different group homes, rehabilitation facilities, assisted living facilities, and other health facilities that require expert pharmaceutical care. We help our local community achieve a higher quality of life by making sure that the services that they receive are personalized to fit their health condition.

We offer easy prescription transfers and refills that you can do online, patient consultation and education regarding their prescriptions, and cost-effective generic programs to help patients save on prescription expenses. Patients can get their prescription medicine in bubble packs for easier medication management and monitoring of their doses. Additionally, we make it convenient for patients to get their prescriptions by offering delivery options.

You are more than welcome to call us at 276-666-6644 or send an email to if you would like more information about the services that we can provide. Visit our retail pharmacy today to get the best pharmaceutical care!

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