Overcoming the Unpleasant Taste of Medicines

Do you have loved ones at home who’re taking medicines? It’s time to be creative if they’re always complaining about the unpleasant taste of their meds. Yes, you can ask a pharmacist at a retail pharmacy in Martinsville, Virginia for alternative meds with a more pleasant taste. But if that’s not possible, these tips might help:

  • Let them take the meds along with a sweetened beverage.
    Prepare a glass of fresh fruit or vegetable shake or juice. Then, give this to your loved ones just after they swallow the bitter pill.
  • Mix the meds in something with a phantom aroma.
    The smell of berry, vanilla, and citrus smell might be what you need to distract your loved ones from the unpleasant taste of their meds. Melt the tablet in a small amount of liquid with a mixture of these additives. You can also buy extracts of these ingredients from an independent pharmacy.
  • Give them a cold or frozen treat first.
    Giving your loved ones chilled or frozen fruits, veggies, or even ice cream is also an effective strategy. The cold temperature of the foods could numb their taste buds a little bit. And this could save them from tasting the bitter aftertaste of their meds.

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