Learn Effective Strategies to Help Your Child Swallow Pills

For many kids, transitioning from chewable or liquid medication to pills can be quite a challenge. While most children begin swallowing pills around the age of 10, some children can learn to swallow pills at a younger age. As your reliable drugstore in Virginia, we will share proven strategies to help your child swallow pills:

  • Practice with candy
    When your child is old enough to swallow small candy without a choking risk, use it to start practicing how to swallow pills. Instruct your child to sit straight up in a chair and place a very tiny piece of candy on their tongue. Provide a glass of water and instruct them to sip or use a straw to swallow the piece of candy in one gulp.
  • Use helpful products
    Your local independent pharmacy likely offers helpful products specifically designed to help your child swallow pills. Products like pill-glide swallowing sprays or medical straws can make it easier to learn how.
  • Drink lots of water
    The most effective method of swallowing a pill is with water. Instruct your child to take a generous swig of water before placing the pill in their mouth. After doing so, place the pill and instruct them to drink lots of water to avoid gagging.

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