Is It Safe to Drink Alcohol While on Medication?

Alcohol frequently interacts negatively with prescription and over-the-counter medicines in any drugstore in Virginia. In some instances, the combination may reduce or eliminate the efficacy of drugs. In other words, it can raise the risk of overall health problems.

Because alcohol can interact negatively with many common drugs that people intake, you must read warning labels plastered on the package. If you are not sure, you can ask your doctor or pharmacist from an independent pharmacy whether or not it’s okay to drink alcoholic beverages while you are on medication.

If the doctor or pharmacist says that it’s not okay, you should take their word for it. Alcohol, even in minor doses, can often amplify drug side effects such as tiredness, disorientation, and light-headedness. It can make it difficult for you to concentrate and stay alert. If you experience those symptoms while driving to work, it can result in serious or even tragic accidents.

If you are a senior adult, drinking alcohol while you are on medication is even riskier. Alcohol doesn’t metabolize as fast in seniors as it does in their younger counterparts. Therefore, it lingers in the systems longer and has a higher risk of interfering with prescriptions.

If you’re not sure if a drug can be used with alcohol, wait until your doctor or pharmacist says it’s okay to do so. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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