Important Details You Should Discuss with Your Pharmacist

Your pharmacist is an essential part of your health care team. Considering medications can get complicated, it’s important to discuss your medications with a professional who is equipped with the knowledge and skills to help you manage your medications. As a reputable drugstore in Virginia, we will share the details you should discuss with your pharmacist:

  • Basic information
    When discussing your medications, it’s important to know the names and intended uses of each medicine. Ask your pharmacist about the generic and brand name to keep an updated list of your medication. You may also ask about the effects of each medication, so you can get a realistic idea of its effects.
  • Dosage and schedule
    Your pharmacist at the local independent pharmacy can inform you on how to take your medication properly. Some medicines may not interact well with certain food or alcohol which can result in the increase or decrease of your medicine’s effect. A pharmacist can also tell you how long you need to take the medicine, as well as its dosage and how many times a day.
  • Possible side effects
    While most medicines cause side effects, not all of them are necessarily serious. Nevertheless, it’s still important to know the side effects of your prescription especially if you plan on driving or exercising. It’s better to know about possible side effects beforehand to reduce the risk of injury.

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