How to Manage Your Medication During the Holidays

The year 2022 is about to end, which means having celebrations left and right. Thanksgiving just ended a few days ago, and now we are entering the Christmas season. The vacation days are just around the corner, and you’ll probably be going out of town or out of the country to celebrate the holiday or to visit a loved one.

Holidays also mean a variety of delectable and tempting food around the table. After a whole year of hard work, it is only natural that you enjoy yourself surrounded by the people you love feasting on delicious foods without worrying about the calorie count of each dish. And what are celebrations without a drink or two of alcohol?

With all the places you have to go, the people you have to meet, and the parties and leisure activities you have to attend during the holiday, it is easy to get sidetracked and forget one very important thing: adhering to your medication.

Managing medication intake is already challenging enough on a regular day of the year, what is more with all the distractions at hand during the holidays. So to help you be on track with your medication regimen this holiday season, we suggest practical ways you can do so.

But before we fully dive into how you can perfectly manage your medication during the holidays, let us first discuss why medication adherence is important in the first place.

Taking medication as prescribed by doctors is crucial to keeping you in good shape, especially if you have a chronic illness. Your medication is prescribed to you to control your symptoms, prevent further complications of your health issues, and maintain your overall wellness. Some people are taking multiple medications at a time, and keeping tabs on all of them can be overwhelming, which is why pharmacies like us, Cavalier Pharmacare, are now offering long term care to clients to assist them in their regimen.

However, during the holiday season, drugstores may close their establishments, and pharmacists would take days off and go on to enjoy their own free time. And if you are, one way or another, reliant on your pharmacy for your medication compliance, you can practice some effective methods to remain on track.

  • Be sure you have enough supply
    Check your stock of prescription medicine to see if you have enough supply until your local pharmacy opens again if they close on holiday seasons, where you get a refill prescription. This is especially important if you’re going to travel out of town or out of the country for a long period. A disruption in your medication routine can pose a significant risk to your health, so better safe than sorry.
  • Set alarms to get reminders when it’s time to take your medication
    On normal days, it is relatively easier to remember when to take your medication if you have a regular routine. But during holidays, there could be changes in your everyday life causing you to forget about your medication. You could be at a family dinner or gathering enjoying your time with your loved ones. And before you know it, an hour has already passed on your scheduled intake. By setting an alarm on your phone, you can get easy and unfailing reminders throughout the day, so you can take your medicine on time.
  • Avoid or lessen your alcohol intake

    When you are taking a prescription, it is important to remember that alcohol can negatively affect the effectiveness of the medicine you are taking. Mixing medicine, whether over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription, with alcohol can lead to harmful interactions. This can then lead to problems like headaches, drowsiness, fainting, and even changes in your blood pressure.

    Additionally, if you already have problems with your heart or a damaged liver, drinking alcohol along with your medication can only lead to further complications. In the worst-case scenario, it can result in internal bleeding or difficulty in bleeding. And so, a supposed merry celebration can turn into an upsetting turn of events.

  • Do not repackage your medicines
    When you are taking multiple medications, and you are planning to travel for the holiday season, storing your medicine in one place in your bag is an ideal method to ensure you have everything you need. However, it is important that you keep your medicines, both pills and liquids, in their original container. This helps prevent mixing the medicine up and mistaking one for the other thanks to the labels on their respective containers.

Additionally, when you are traveling by plane or in a car, be sure that your medicines are kept where the temperature is not too hot or too cold. Notice on the labels that there is a specific temperature for each medicine where they should be stored to retain their effectiveness.

These are just examples of how you can effectively manage your medication when you have less to no access to your healthcare provider during the holiday. You can also consult your physician and local pharmacy for advice and guidance on how you can independently handle your medication for the best results.

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