Discover Tips to Store Your Medications Safely at Home

One of the most frequently asked questions that an independent pharmacy receives is how to properly store medications at home. In addition to keeping your prescription out of reach from children, it’s important to consider the temperature and moisture to keep your medication’s integrity intact.

As a trusted drugstore in Virginia, we at Cavalier Pharmacare will share practical and effective tips for storing your medications safely at home:

  • Honor the expiration date.
    Whether your medication is prescription or over-the-counter, medicine degrades over time and may even cause a bacteria imbalance if consumed. Most medications expire after twelve months, so make sure to check your medication’s label and properly dispose of expired drugs.
  • Avoid light and high temperatures.
    Light can cause your medication to degrade quickly. Hence, avoid storing your prescription near the windowsill or in a room where powerful indoor lighting is used. Although it depends on the manufacturer, most medications need to be stored in a cool, dry place.
  • Use a pill dispenser.
    Your local retail pharmacy in Martinsville, Virginia likely offers handy storage items like pillboxes or dispensers. These items are useful for organizing the pills you need to take daily without compromising the pills’ quality.
  • Avoid flushing.
    When disposing of old medications, it’s important to practice proper disposal practices. Avoid flushing down your prescription down the toilet as this can damage your neighborhood’s sewage systems and harm the environment.

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