Differences Between Generic Medicines & Branded Drugs

Differences Between Generic Medicines & Branded Drugs

Getting the right medication for your condition is the key to your speedy recovery or reduction of symptoms. This is a goal we help you to attain as a drugstore in Martinsville, Virginia. There are only two kinds of medications available in the market. These are the generic medicines and their branded counterparts. Consumers like you need to know their difference as it can mean a lot to your budget and other personal preferences.

In this post, let us give you a quick breakdown of how different these two kinds are. In particular, let us also provide a refresher on why generic medicines can be trusted, that is, if you’re having second thoughts about this type.

  • Similar in Potency, Different in Ingredients
    According to the US Food and Drug Administration, generic medicines are equally strong with its effectiveness with the branded counterpart. This is because generic medicines are created with the same active ingredients, which is the main element for the treatment of an illness. When that is covered, the rest of the ingredients can be customized, such as flavoring, coloring, and other essentials that make the medicine appealing for the patient.
  • Different in Prices: Generics Are More Affordable
    According to WebMD, there’s a great chance that the prescription you get to receive is already a generic medicine. Around 80% of the medicines available in an independent pharmacy in Virginia are already generic versions of the original brand. This is, in fact, a good deal for many consumers. The reason that generic versions have lesser prices is that they no longer go through the usual procedure that their branded counterpart has gone through. These procedures include research, clinical tests, marketing, and promotion. However, to help the original drug makers cope with their investment, they’re given an exclusive patent of the medicine once it’s approved for the consumers. The FDA allows the original brand to market the medicine exclusively for about 12 years, and after this, generic options can then be accessible.
  • Difference That Can Be Risky
    While most generic medicines are highly recommended for consumers, there are certain medications that generic versions have to be specially considered. These medicines are considered as NTI or medicines with a narrow therapeutic index. These medicines have a very slight variation between effectiveness and toxicity, such that opting for their generic version is strongly discouraged. These medications include warfarin, which is a blood thinning medicine, dixogin, which is a treatment for heart illnesses, and theophylline, which treats asthma and other lung conditions. To guide you in the safe intake of medicines under the NTI category, better consult with your doctor or pharmacist first.

As your partner in obtaining your overall health and well-being, our team at Cavalier Pharmacare will be here to help supply your needs for medications and medical supplies. If you have specific inquiries, our friendly pharmacists can gladly accommodate you. Feel free to reach us out and inquire.

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