Best Ways to Boost Your Immune System

The immune system is a complex network of organs, cells, and proteins that work together to fight infection (microbes). It accomplishes this by storing a record of every microbe it has ever destroyed in white blood cells known as memory cells. This means it can detect and eliminate the microbe swiftly if it re-enters the body before it has the chance to multiply and make a person sick.

The innate (non-specific) immune system and the adaptive (specific) immune system are the two subsystems that make up the immune system. When a pathogen or other dangerous substance sets off an immune response, both of these subsystems work cooperatively. Because so many distinct viruses or strains of the same virus may cause various illnesses, some infections, such as the flu and the common cold, must be fought off repeatedly. Moreover, contracting a cold or the flu from one virus doesn’t make you immune to the others.

The mechanism, however, is far easier said than done and it could also fail at times. With all that has been mentioned so far, it is already evident how crucial the immune system is. It only seems reasonable to take proactive steps to boost it since it serves such a significant role, right?

That’s where we come in! Here at Cavalier Pharmacare, your trusty provider of pharmaceutical services in Martinsville, Virginia, we have made it one of our top priorities to meet the special healthcare needs of our community. We put our hearts into accomplishing this not only via our services but also by making relevant information accessible for everyone’s benefit.

A healthy lifestyle is your first line of protection. The most ideal action you can take to maintain a healthy immune system naturally is to adhere to basic good health principles. Your overall body, including your immune system, works better when it is shielded from outside threats and supported by good lifestyle choices.

Here are top tips we, as a tried and true retail pharmacy, can share on how you can boost your immune system:

  • Stay up-to-date on recommended vaccines

    Vaccines can help protect against some diseases by simulating an infection. This form of imitation infection teaches the immune system how to fend against future infections. After receiving a vaccination, the imitation infection may cause mild symptoms such as fever. However, symptoms like this are typical and are expected while the body acquires immunity.

    In light of the recent years’ health crisis, it’s vital to stay current on prescribed immunizations, especially your COVID-19 vaccine or booster and your yearly flu shot. Apart from providing retail services, many pharmacies also offer vaccinations.

  • Maintain a healthy diet

    A nutritious diet is essential for a robust immune system, as it is with most other aspects of your body. To do this, make sure you consume an abundance of fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats.

    A balanced diet may also help ensure you obtain enough of the micronutrients that play a role in immune system maintenance, in addition to supplying your immune system with the energy it requires.

  • Exercise regularly

    Exercise, like a balanced diet, may contribute to overall well-being and hence a strong immune system. Exercise can enhance immune function by increasing general circulation, which allows immune cells and other infection-fighting molecules to circulate more freely throughout the body.

    What’s more, physical exercise improves your body’s ability to respond to immunizations. This implies you can create a stronger immune response, which will protect you better.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

    Our immune system is heavily reliant on the nutrients in our bloodstream, and our bloodstream is primarily made of water. Thus, we cannot carry nutrients to each organ system if we do not have adequate water.

    Staying hydrated is also critical for detoxification pathways, improving lymphatic drainage, and ensuring we are emptying any foreign invaders and other waste products.

  • Get plenty of sleep

    Sleep is critical for immune system support. Getting enough high-quality sleep allows for a well-balanced immune defense with robust innate and adaptive immunity. This may also account for an effective response to immunizations and fewer severe allergic responses.

    Conversely, studies have shown that people who do not acquire enough quality sleep are more likely to become ill after being exposed to viruses such as those that cause the common cold. To give your immune system the greatest chance of fighting infection and sickness, it’s critical to understand how much sleep you should get each night, as well as what actions to take if your sleeping habits are poor.

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